“There can be no greater issue than that of conservation in this country” - Teddy Roosevelt


Too Valuable to Give Away

The headline in the print copy of this week’s Halifax-Plympton Reporter read “Too Valuable to Give Away”.  We agree.  The land for the proposed Cato’s Ridge conservation area is priceless - for all the reasons that we have been saying: unique landscape with hills and valleys, large trees, a lake and ancient cart paths; beautiful wetlands; scenic vistas; and to preserve traditional activities on this land such as hunting, fishing and horseback riding.  And just to be clear, voting for these proposal is NOT a vote against tax restraint, seniors or appropriately conceived and placed senior housing - issues we feel are extremely important in our town.  Don’t be distracted by the rhetoric - these proposals are simply well-thought out and necessary to conserve some of our extremely valuable land - for all of us, our kids, and the future.  

Who will use the parks?

Pasted GraphicThe answer on this past Saturday afternoon is apparently around 60 or so kids and Plympton residents. They ventured from the Dennett parking lot, across Ring Road and into the proposed Cato’s Ridge Conservation
Pasted Graphic 1
Area. A mother and life-long Plympton resident called the area “awesome”. People commented on the variety of landscapes contained in the proposed park and the abundant natural beauty. Truly a special place for us all to use.

New Frequently Asked Questions Available

Need a question answered or want to learn more about the proposed parks projects? Take a read at our new Frequently Asked Questions document.

Don’t find your answer? Contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Additional Boards Show Their Support

The Plympton Planning Board and the Plympton Zoning Board of Appeals voted Monday night to add their support to Churchill Park and Cato’s Ridge - Articles 18 & 19.

Wicked Local Plympton - PLYMPTON TOWN MEETING:Community Preservation Committee to present three projects 5/4/12

New article on CPA and Cato’s Ridge warrant articles. CPC Chairman Mark Russo is quoted:

“The Committee believes the positive impact of such a park would be enormous – fulfilling a pressing, long-time need for passive recreation opportunities in town and a clear opportunity to support the widely stated preference of town citizens to preserve the town’s rural character,” Russo said. “The project offers public access to an incredibly beautiful parcel not presently available; open space preservation; substantial multi-use recreation opportunities for families, children, hikers, walkers, nature lovers, and hunters; preservation of historically and ecologically significance parcels; and fantastic educational opportunities for the nearby Dennett school, all at minimal cost to the town.”

Community Coffee @ the Library

This Saturday, May 5th @ 10:30 am, Town Moderator, John Traynor, will be at the Library to provide an overview of the upcoming Town Meeting warrant articles.  The Coffee goes from 10am - noon and there will be sweet treats to enjoy as well.  Friends of PlymptonPARKS representatives will be there as well to answer questions about the proposed parks.  Hope that you can join us!

Open Space Committee Supports Conservation Position Statement

The Plympton Open Space Committee voted 5-0-0 tonight to support the Conservation Commission’s May 1st position statement. This statement reaffirmed support of the traditional activities conducted on the Cato’s Ridge land - including hunting, fishing, horseback riding, cross country skiing and hiking. The Conservation Commission drafted their position statement earlier this week to make clear their commitment to these activities should the Cato’s Ridge Conservation Area be transferred to their control by a yes vote on Article 19 at town meeting vote on May 16th.

Conservation Commission Supports Traditional Activities on Cato’s Ridge Land

The Plympton Conservation Commission voted last evening to support the traditional activities conducted on the Cato’s Ridge land. The Commission drafted their position statement to affirm their commitment to these activities should the Cato’s Ridge Conservation Area be transferred to their control by a yes vote on Article 19 at town meeting vote on May 16th.

Town Meeting Warrants Public Today

The warrant for the annual and special town meetings was posted at the Town House and on the Town Website today. The Churchill Park and Cato’s Ridge warrant articles are Article #18 and #19, respectively.

Globe South - As giant lands, Plympton seeks peaceful coexistence

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